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Supreme Ventures Group (SVG) will be taking Jamaica’s national pastime and elevating it to National Championship status by launching the first annual, island-wide Domino Tournament.

The full year series of events consists of 7 Community Tournaments that will culminate in the National Final Playoff event for Championship of Jamaica, bragging rights and the annual trophy.

The Community Tournaments will be held every 2-4 weeks at major population centers across the country starting in March 2023.

The format is a last man standing (Cutthroat) domino format. At each tournament, the first player winning 6 games qualifies for the next round. Top four players at the end of the day will receive automatic qualification to the next national tournament and the winner automatically qualifies to the National Championship Of Jamaica Finals.

All tournaments are open to the public with an entry fee per player.

The top 2 players at each of the 7 Community Tournaments automatically qualify for the National Final Playoff Event at the end of the series in September 2023.

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